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IDR TEAM - 13th EASN International Conference in Aviation & Space for opening New Horizons

21 de Septiembre de 2023

This month, part of the of the Instituto de Microgravedad "Ignacio Da Riva" (IDR/UPM) team has participated in the “13th EASN International Conference in Aviation & Space for opening New Horizons”, which was held from 5 to 8 September in Salerno, Italy. On this conference the IDR/UPM presented the latest advances of the research works related to the OAPES project, in collaboration with the STRAST group, which are being carried out in the IDR/UPM in the areas of satellite power systems, safety in embedded artificial intelligence systems, attitude control, as well as anemometry applied to the thermal study of stratospheric balloons. Five successful research projects were presented by Sergio Marín Coca, Angel Luis Porras Hermoso Hermoso, Angel Grover Pérez Muñoz and Daniel Alfonso Corcuera in the Project Session OAPES, conducted by Gustavo Alonso:

- Hybrid energy storage systems for high power spacecraft missions
- Development of Sun-tracking law for payloads with pointing restrictions in the UPMSat-3 mission
- Use of thermal data to estimate satellite rotation rate in the UPMSat-2
- Including experiments of AI techniques onboard UPMSat-3 satellite mission
- On the use of cup anemometers as wind speed sensors in stratospheric balloon missions

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